From 14th September till 17th of October 2019, you’re welcome to visit the Gallery In Blanco in Centrum Tworczości Lutnia in Lodz / Poland to see the collection of my works (assamblages) from 2003 - 2019. The exhibition is a birthday present from my Friends and Mum who organized everything during my absence, every single detail, to my great surprise! :D

Czarny / Black, 40 x 50 cm, assamblage, 2012

Czarny / Black, 40 x 50 cm, assamblage, 2012

New journey

Since November 2018 you can meet me at the Plymouth College of Art in England.

Below, you can watch my 1 st year students and animated short they made entirely from sand. I am very proud of them. Edited by Tim Pattinson.

"Hello Earth" winning at MIFF in Minsk

I am very pleased to inform you that “Hello Earth” won the Best Animated Fulldome Film Award at the First Minsk International Fulldome Festival which was held in the beginning of November in Minsk. I couldn’t be there, but I would like to say Thank You to festival organisers for fantastic communication and jury, of course.

Maciej Rasala, supervisor animator . Thanks Maciej !

Maciej Rasala, supervisor animator . Thanks Maciej !

'Hello Earth' at the IPS 2018 in Toulouse

Yesterday, I came back from the IPS 2018 Conference (International Planetarium Society) in Toulouse, France. This special venue includes Fulldome Film Festival as well as the IPS Conference and takes place every two years in different country. Fulldome professionals, planetarians, scientists and many others from all around the world share their experiences one to another holding the community together. In the dome of the Cite de l'space the audience had a chance to see our fulldome movie "Hello Earth", among other excellent fulldome productions. This is one of these rare moments when we can share our work with others and finally, simply enjoy it. Merci beaucoup!

Jena Fulldome Festival 2018 (This time in a different role)

This year I am honored to be invited as a member of jury at the Jena Fulldome Festival 2018 in Germany. Please look at the website and see what kind of fulldome productions you can follow this year. I need to mention that Jena Fulldome Festival is one of the oldest and prestigious festivals in the world dedicated to fulldome professionals but in particular welcoming young fulldome filmmakers and students.

"Hello Earth" at IFSV Dome Fest in Japan

'Hello Earth' among fulldome films at IFSV (International Festival od Science Visualization) in Tokyo from 18 - 20 th February 2018. Honored and happy!

japan fesival 2 2018 copy.jpg

Fulldome lectures at Polish Film School in Lodz

In December I had a pleasure to give my first fulldome lecture for animation students at Film School in Lodz as a part of my Ph.D. studies. I feel like having boomerang in my hands again. Big Thanks to Joanna Jasinska.


Good news from Espinho

"Hello Earth" awarded at the Immersive Film Festival in Espinho, Portugal in two categories: Best Fulldome Movie of IFF'17 (ex aequo) and what's more important for me Best Soundtrack. The music for "Hello Earth" was originally composed by Jan Duszynski. The final soundtrack effect has been achieved with the accompaniment of sound directors Agata Chodyra and Dominika Kotarba. Very happy for all of You!

20171205_135000 (1).jpg

"Hello Earth" at the Astra Film Festival in Sibiu

In October 2017 I've been visiting the Transylvanian city Sibiu in Romania and share my experiences in fulldome filmmaking with professionals from film and documentary industry. But also with inhabitants of this historical, beautiful city.

"Hello Earth" found its audience among the children and enthusiasts of the fulldome cinema which year after year meets new places and spectators all around the world. Thank you very much for this opportunity, especially Big Thanks to Adela Muntean who made it possible.

Copyrights: Astra Film Festival

Copyrights: Astra Film Festival

'Hello Earth' awarded in Brno

'Hello Earth' was awarded at the Brno Fulldome Festival 2017. The winner of this award was chosen by the international jury composed of Petr Horálek, ESO Photo Ambassador, Marc Moutin from Cite de La Space, the organizer of the IPS Conference in 2018, and Ryan Wyatt from the California Academy of Sciences.